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Saint Hubert, Protector of Hunters
Saint Hubert is also known as Saint Hubertus and is the patron saint for hunters. Saint Hubert’s story is celebrated every year on November 3rd. It is a tale of inspiration and dedication for the hunting community.

Early Life of Saint Hubert

Saint Hubert, a French saint, was born in Maastricht between 656-705 A.D. to a noble family. He grew up in luxury and splendor. Hubert, despite his privilege upbringing was well-known for his bowmanship.

st hubert patron saint Hubert was renowned for the exemplary aim he had and his ability to provide a bounty of food. His life changed forever on Good Friday when, during a hunting expedition, he met a stag.

The Vision of Saint Hubert

Legend has it that Hubert, while riding on horseback to chase a deer, cornered a majestic stag which turned around to face him. A glowing crucifix appeared between the antlers. Hubert claimed to have had a vision at that time and heard a voice telling him to live a holy and devoted life.

Hubert’s spiritual transformation

Hubert was deeply moved by his experience and renounced the life of luxury and privilege he had lived before. He gave up all his titles and birthright, as well as his title of Duke of Aquitane. Tragically, his wife Floribanne died while giving birth to Saint Floribert. Hubert focused solely on his spiritual journey after Floribanne’s death.

Hubert’s Journey at the Church

Hubert turned to Bishop Lambert, who became his advisor in matters of religion. Hubert travelled to Rome under Lambert’s guidance to meet the Pope. Hubert was ordained a priest during this assembly and became the thirty-first Bishop of Maastricht, and the first Bishop of Liege.

Saint Hubert’s Legacy

Saint Hubert was a priest who performed many miracles, including exorcisms. He also cured rabies in some cases. For his efforts to spread Christianity in pagan regions, he is known as “Apostle Of The Ardennes”.

Saint Hubert’s Symbol

Saint Hubert’s symbol is a deer with a cross between its antlers. The image is well-known to hunters, and even appears on the Jagermeister bottle cap.

Honoring all Life Forms

Saint Hubert became not only the patron saint of hunters, but also promoted the idea of honoring animal life. During his time, feasts celebrated the energy that the animal gave to the hunter following a successful hunt.

Saint Hubert is a symbol of spiritual transformation, dedication and devotion. He has a profound effect on hunters, mathematicians and opticians as well as metalworkers. Saint Hubert Medals and the Hunting Necklace are tangible expressions of devotion to this Patron Saint of Hunting.

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